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Product description

Why is society confronted with so many momentous problems – both on a large and small scale? And why do these difficulties often continue to grow? The main cause of this lies in the failure to take a suitable approach to complex topics.

Instead of taking precautionary measures, the people responsible often only react when they begin to suffer from negative consequences. Furthermore, existing difficulties are viewed and addressed in isolation, even though they are frequently interconnected. And in spite of transformation and turmoil, the world is seen as static, as if there is no potential for change. As a result, society often combats the symptoms instead of the causes and we never get with a handle on these problems. If you want to master both large and small challenges, there is no way around networked thinking and action.

Over the course of the modules, participants gain an understanding of complexity and networked thinking, using extremely action-oriented methods. They learn to recognise the most important errors and keys to success when dealing with complex problems and situations. A diverse range of tools and checklists enable the participants to deal with complexity in their own lives. They also learn to soundly evaluate (political) measures using their newly-acquired knowledge. On the whole, the theme reveals a new perspective on the world and encourages independent, constructive-critical thinking and effective action.

The module order follows a common thread which runs through the content. Aside from a few exceptions, modules can also be used individually without any previous knowledge.

The modules are currently only available in German, except for one example module which is also available in English and ready for download.