Teaching material about intergenerational justice and sustainability

Product of Wandel vernetzt denken (Studienbüro Jetzt & Morgen)



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Product description

Intergenerational justice - a powerful concept which has become a buzzword in discussions about society. Justice between generations is a vital aspect for political concepts and measures - although it is questionable just how quickly the term is employed, often without being clear what measurements this claim is based on and how the term is understood. This is simmilar to the use of the term sustainability; economics and politics use the term excessively and often arbitrarily.

To declare products or political concepts and measures sweepingly as sustainable or as something that promotes intergenerational justice, implies successes which often does not exist. It should be emphasised that the concepts of both sustainability and intergenerational justice are considerably more complex than is again and again communicated to consumers and voters.

This theme is devoted to a systematic and constructive-critical examination of these two concepts. During the individual task-based-learning modules, the participants gather the basics and precise assessment criteria for sustainability and intergenerational justice as part of their lessons. They also learn to recognise flaws and problems in the concepts. Participants develop the skills to evaluate ideas and methods which are allegedly sustainable or promote intergenerational justice. And finally, they will search for the answers to the questions: Are the actions of the current generation fair for all generations? Is my country sustainable?

The modules are currently only available in German.