7T5 (seventy:five)

Product of edu:cube GmbH

Swissdidac 2018

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Stiller Weg 15
22607 Hamburg

Swissdidac 2018

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Product description

Pass the test with 75% of correct answers! 7T5 – seventy:five – our app for more learning fun! 7T5 is classical flashcard trainer, gamification, social network and competition all rolled in one – at low monthly rates for your school. You, the educational institute, will provide your own flashcard trainer for your students, allowing them access to their learning contents wherever and whenever they want. In the game mode, your students can challenge to duels and thus compare their stages of knowledge with one another. But 7T5 is more than just a vocabulary trainer. Each topic can be captured in multiple choice or graphic card questions. The daily push question from their learning material reminds the students to go ahead and to keep on dealing with their subject. You can contact your students directly on their smartphone via the internal 7T5 messenger. 7T5 – learning and fun using up-to-date digital media – modern education at its best!