Guangzhou CHERAF Automotive Technology Co. Ltd.


Guangzhou CHERAF Automotive Technology Co. Ltd.

#3 Jiahe Changhong Sutai 2nd Street, Baiyun District, Guangzhou
Guangdong 510080

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CHERAF focuses on automotive maintenance and repair vocational training courses by intelligently integrating hardware, software, courseware and tools. The capabilities in R&D and manufacturing let CHERAFE bundles hardware, software and the originality of products in the same strategic platform for automotive maintenance, internet, mechanical and electrical engineering, and education experts to carry out extensive automotive maintenance training cooperation as well as its related services.
These curriculum-oriented intelligent educational products are served via a cloud-based micro-course Data Center. The core competencies of CHERAF are its local high-end partners, the precision of its selection process, its international strategic partners and its new design viewpoints. With foothold in China, CHERAF thinks globally with “Refinement” as its “Core Creativeness.”
Having said that, CHERAF and its team will become the “Banner Enterprise” in the automotive maintenance vocational education field globally.
Our Vision
Tailor-made training products that our clients need. Provide them the most suitable education courses, and build CHERAF to become the “Apple Inc.” in the vocational education industry.
  • 2014 November—First in the industry to launch the cloud-based micro-curriculum Application “E-ScanThrough” micro-course online education system
  • 2015 March—First in the industry to develop the intelligent automotive maintenance education series based on open-platform and fully-molded manufacturing style
  • 2015 onward—invested millions of dollars in the R&D of smart wearable devices. By early 2017, CHERAF will fully utilize Big Data on its mobile internet automotive maintenance courses
  • 2016 March—developed and launched the world’s first “Intelligent Interactive Real Car Driving Simulator” and acquired a number of patent certifications as well as an international creation patent
Awards and Honor:
  • 2015 German Red Dot Industrial Design Award (Highest of its kind in the global industrial design sector)
  • CHERAF products certified by EU CE Safety Export Standard Certification
  • 2016 Guangdong Province High-tech Product Key Support Enterprise
  • Official Partner Enterprise of Guangdong Toyota, Dongfeng Honda, Citroen, FAW Group
  • ISO 9001 International Standard Quality Certification Enterprise
  • ISO 14001 Environmental Quality Certification Enterprise
  • ISO 18000 Occupational Health and Safety Management Certification Ente
  • Marken

    • Automotive Maintenance and Repair Training Solution
    • Intelligent Classroom
    • New Energy Vehicle Training Solution